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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Labor

Typical weekend?  Not really, actually worked in the shop for quite a bit which is unusual.  Spread kind of thin, but that's nothing new, just concentrating on making progress one step at a time.  Walked down to Riverside Park for the Orphan Car Show on Sunday, and saw a very cool Marmon race car.  Should have taken pictures, but there were alot of people around and there was alot of work waiting.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

First finished machining off the TLR damper and spring mounts in preparation for TLS brackets.  Now have to machine the new brackets and welding fixture using the TLS swingarm, but at least this is one step is done.
Then, more wallpaper removal in the gallery space.  I measure this time in number of refills of the power steamer.  The brick wall is covered by (in order of layer):
1)  Plaster
2)  Yellow, green or dark grey paint depending
3)  Wallpaper
4)  Yellow paint
5)  Wallpaper
6)  Green paint
The outer layer of paint/wallpaper comes off really easy, but the 2nd layer of paint/wallpaper is stuck with glue that probably isn't legal to sell anymore, it's become part of the plaster itself.  It comes off, just takes lots and lots of steaming and poking holes, steaming and poking holes, etc.
Then, the real reason the Suzuki GSX got pictures taken, it was taken down to the frame for storage (out of the way) and the DRZ was put up on the stand to see what happened on the way into work the other day.  It felt like it locked up, but it happened, as it always does, at light throttle cruise.  I was hoping for the best, maybe a broken timing chain or chunked gear, but when the carb came off and there was aluminum in the port, I knew it was going to be bad:

It dropped both lead intake and exhaust valves, very strange.  Looks like the bike will be out of commission for more than the few days I had hoped...

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