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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TLR Swingarm on TLS

Since the TLR and TLS shock and damper mounts are in very different locations, the TLR swingarm must have new mounts fabricated and welded to the swingarm to be used on a TLS.  The stock TLR mounts were milled off previously, we begin from there:

After some time cranking the handles on the mill, here is one of the new mounts from 6061-T6.

Here is the alignment fixture on the TLS swingarm to accurately locate the new mounts on the TLR swingarm.

Here are the mounts tacked in place.

And welded.  On to assembling the chassis...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

TLR Throttle Bodies for TLS - WHY????

Why indeed, when there is no difference in diameter?  And when the dual injectors of the TLR can be compensated for with injector size of the single injectors of the TLS?  Well, there is no good answer except that I wanted to use TLR gauges on the S, and if you're using the guages, why not the wiring harness, and there you go, jumped off the ramp at the end of the slippery slope.

So, since the orientation of everything is different between the TLS and TLR throttle bodies, orienting them and then coupling them together becomes a real task. 

In the picture are the aluminum adpators to space up the TLR throttle bodies to the TLS airbox.  Next the bridge between the throttle bodies.  There is another one that will go between the injectors to help stiffen the throttle body assembly from twisting. 

And here, some of the scrap required to make the bridge, along with the welding fixture.  All this, for such a simple little thing!